Stock Lending

  • Stock lending and stock secured financing is a tool that affords borrowers liquidity while still allowing them to take advantage of large capital appreciation.
  • Stock loans provide a hedge against market volatility for the borrower.
  • Stock Loans enable stock owners to utilize much of the current value of his or her underlying securities position in order to fund additional investments, while still maintaining the opportunity to participate in capital appreciation of the underlying portfolio.
  • Company executives with large, concentrated stakes in a particular company can utilize stock loans in order to diversify their holdings. By taking out a loan secured by their minority stake in the company’s shares, executives can diversify their portfolio’s and access alternative investments.

International Stock Loan (non U.S. Stocks)

YC Funding offers several Non-recourse Equities Secured Loan programs to help non- US based shareholders and clients to create liquidity from their equities investments in publicly traded companies outside the United States.

Equities Secured Loans are available in the form of Non-Recourse Stock Loans.

These programs are underwritten and secured only against the shares being held as collateral. There is no Recourse to the borrower in an event of default.
All programs offer a wide range of additional benefits which include:

  • Highly competitive Loan to Values (LTV) (50-80% typical for Stock Loans )
  • Loan amounts from USD $100,000 to over USD $10,000,000
  • Loan repayment terms of 12 to 60 months
  • Interest Only payment structures payable quarterly
  • Low Interest payments
  • Stock Loans denominated in currency of choice


To be considered, all stocks must meet some minimum guidelines

  • Must be listed on one of the Exchanges approved here
  • Share must be Free Trading common stock
  • Shares Must be not be restricted Stock
  • Stock must have a daily dollar average of at least $5000 USD per day (calculated by multiplying volume by price)
  • Shares can not be assigned or liened by a third party
  • If shares are held in corporate name, Corporate resolution documentation must be made available showing signatory is an Shares must be listed on one of the approved public exchanges for a minimum of 6 months.
  • No pre-IPO stock or other non publicly listed shares

Non-recourse loan products are NOT available to U.S. citizens or against U.S. listed securities


Bond & Debt Criteria for US LISTED SECURITIES

  • Notes issued to Affiliates (including spouses) are not accepted
  • Company issuing the notes can not be a Pink Sheet, Shell or Non-reporting Company
  • Stock must have a daily dollar average of at least $5000 USD per day (calculated by multiplying volume by price)
  • We will entertain to purchase Existing notes and aged debt.


Debt Based Financing for U.S. OTC STOCKS

We can help to arrange the issuance for new convertible corporate debt for publicly traded U.S. companies.


Convertible Corporate Debt for U.S. OTC STOCKS


YC Funding is a liquidity provider to both US OTC companies and investors who hold aged debt or aged payables in publicly traded stocks on the US Over-the-Counter market.

For U.S. listed companies, we can help to create new convertible notes as a means to secure financing or to help retire any outstanding debts.

For investors, we will consider purchasing aged corporate debt if they are seeking to exit their investment in the debt holding. For those holding aged corporate debt, and are looking to exit or gain liquidly in that note, YC funding would look to provide liquidity on such existing notes.

We would also consider purchasing aged or outstanding invoices from parties that are owed money by such OTC companies.

For consideration, the company issuing the convertible notes must:

  • Be actively traded on a U.S. stock exchange (OTC, NASDAQ etc.)
  • Fully reporting and current on all regulatory filings

Additionally, notes that are issued to Affiliated investors or shareholders are not eligible for consideration as well, this includes notes owned by spouses or relatives of company insiders.


Active Markets List


  • Australia Stock Loan
  • Japan Stock Loan
  • Hong Kong Stock Loan
  • India Stock Loan
  • Indonesia Stock Loan
  • Malaysia Stock Loan
  • Singapore Stock Loan
  • Philippines Stock Loan
  • South Korea Stock Loan
  • Sri Lanka Stock Loan
  • Taiwan Stock Loan
  • Thailand Stock Loan
  • New Zealand Stock Loan
  • Pakistan Stock Loan


  • United Kingdom Stock Loan
  • Russia Stock Loan
  • Austria Stock Loan
  • Belgium Stock Loan
  • Denmark Stock Loan
  • Finland Stock Loan
  • France Stock Loan
  • Germany Stock Loan
  • Holland Stock Loan
  • Ireland Stock Loan
  • Italy Stock Loan
  • Norway Stock Loan
  • Portugal Stock Loan
  • Spain Stock Loan
  • Sweden Stock Loan
  • Switzerland Stock Loan
  • Bulgaria Stock Loan
  • Croatia Stock Loan
  • Cyprus Stock Loan
  • Czech Republic Stock Loan
  • Estonia Stock Loan
  • Greece Stock Loan
  • Hungary Stock Loan
  • Latvia Stock Loan
  • Lithuania Stock Loan
  • Poland Stock Loan
  • Romania Stock Loan
  • Slovakia Stock Loan
  • Slovenia Stock Loan
  • Ukraine Stock Loan

North & South America

  • Canada Stock Loan
  • United States Stock Loan (Restrictions Apply)
  • Mexico Stock Loan
  • Brazil Stock Loan
  • Chile Stock Loan
  • Argentina Stock Loan
  • Columbia Stock Loan
  • Peru Stock Loan
  • Venezuela Stock Loan (Fixed Income Securities Only)

Middle East & Africa

  • Turkey Stock Loan
  • Israel Stock Loan
  • Dubai Stock Loan (DFM & NASDAQ only)
  • Qatar Stock Loan
  • Abu Dhabi Stock Loan
  • Jordan Stock Loan
  • Lebanon Stock Loan
  • Bahrain Stock Loan
  • Oman Stock Loan
  • Saudi Arabia Stock Loan
  • Egypt Stock Loan (Market Closed Until Further Notice)
  • Morocco Stock Loan
  • South Africa Stock Loan